Low Libido In Women

Low libido is common in women who do not produce enough of the hormones needed by the body to regulate metabolism and energy.  When this happens, some bodily functions slow down.  Low libido or sexual energy is thus affected. Fortunately, there are ways to bring back or increase libido in women.

How To Solve Low Libido In Women

1. Get Tested

You need to get tested before you can address your low libido.  There are many factors that can be the cause of your low libido. It can be caused by underlying health conditions.  It can also be a side effect of some medication you’re taking. These tests can be blood tests or saliva-based tests.

2. Estrogen and Progesterone

Your estrogen and progesterone levels directly affect your libido. If your estrogen and progesterone levels are regulated, it will help both your fertility and your mood. But too much estrogen can produce high levels of protein that are harmful. To address these hormone levels, your diet should include selenium and vitamin D.

3. Supplements

Along with your medication, you should also take supplements for your body. Vitamin B, C, and magnesium are great for your adrenal glands. Vitamin B, in particular, will help regulate your sex hormones.

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4. Dark Chocolate

There are specific foods that will help boost your low libido. Dark chocolate and its bioflavonoids keep your blood vessels healthy and help regulate blood flow to your sexual organs. It also causes a release of dopamine which gives you feelings of pleasure and motivation.

5. Sleep

Just as much as you need supplements and a balanced diet, your body also needs sleep. Your body can better prepare and balance its hormone levels when you have enough hours of sleep. Lack of sleep will cause confusion in your body and will find it difficult to balance your hormones.

6. Exercise

Exercise isn’t just good for your libido. It aids in the conversion of thyroid hormone to its active form, regulation of blood sugar, increased circulation, and it improves your mood. But keep in mind that the intensity of your workout can stress out your hormonal glands.

In conclusion. . . .

Remember to seek medical advice about your low libido to find out what the cause of it is. It is also important to keep your hormonal levels in mind to increase your low sex drive. But you can easily fight this symptom with supplements, food, sleep, and exercise.


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